Excellent Business Opportunity to start a Recruitment Franchise

Would you like to earn an unlimited income from HR Industry?
Do you want to be your own boss as part of a proven, recession-proof business
Would you like to set up and grow a business inside an instant, demonstrated structure?

What is franchising?

Franchising is the lawful right to carry out a business as per the specific operational technique and under a particular brand. This incorporates the option to utilize trademarks, logos, a business framework, working strategies, IT and showcasing procedures.

It very well may be viewed as you working for yourself and maintaining your own business; in any case, you go to showcase with the advantages of an easily recognized name and a committed group supporting you with exhortation and direction on the best way to work successfully.

Why are we franchising?

  • To amplify investors’ profits and worth.
  • To exceed expectations in each aspect of its activity.
  • To provide attractive and well rewarded career and business opportunities for all employees and Franchisees.
  • To dynamically grow through pro-active acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Why Should I Sign Up?

  • Experience of more than 13 years in recruitment services and other HR Services.
  • Tied up with reputed companies from India and abroad.
  • Commercially and technically viable and proven project.
  • Reasonable ROI (return on investment).

What are Franchising Benefits?

  • You are granted with a license to trade as a Miracle Consulltancy
  • You will benefit from being part of our group, including ground representation.
  • Backend support with training, payroll processing, international education.
  • You receive front and back office software.
  • You receive a national advertising and marketing program that will continually reinforce our distinctive brand image.
  • You have all of your processing done through system by our head office, enabling you to focus on generating more sales.
  • You receive Staff Training.

Who will the Franchising appeal to?

  • Like-minded entrepreneurs who want to build their own HR Services business and want to benefit from established market name and know how.
  • Existing independent Recruitment consultants who want to access powerful network technology, a market leading website and retain an element of the goodwill associated with their particular name.
  • Existing Recruitment Company or Consultants seeking to fast track their own business, and use their Miracle Consultancy name to benefit from an established operating model and system.

I have an existing Recruitment/Training office; can I get a Miracle Consultancy franchise?

MIRACLE CONSULTANCY franchise could be granted to you as per the normal qualification process; however, on receiving the same, you will require to continue with only the MIRACLE CONSULTANCY format & franchise.

Where can I open a Franchise Centre?

Anywhere in India, where you have good local contact base.